Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Silent Sculptures Tall

I was looking out the window this morning and was struck by the starkness of the trees against the washed-out blue sky. They reminded me of a line from a song Z and I have written: "Winter's barren trees, silent sculptures tall, remind me that the year's gone."

I know it's not the New Year and the normal time for reflection, but I realize that March starts tomorrow and spring is coming soon. We've had a lot happen in the last year! We've moved, had a baby, been in a car accident (and subsequent therapies, which, alas, may be continuing...I see an orthopedic surgeon this week to discuss some possible complications), A was diagnosed, and then all the paperwork and starting school... That's a lot in addition to "normal" life stuff like the microwave dying or the brakes on the Jeep calling it quits.

A is doing extremely well with his occupational therapy, Brigid said he did "excellent" last week. School is also doing wonders for his vocabulary and attention span. He does tend to verbalize more when he's upset at the teachers (like when they won't let him wander around the classroom) but it's progress nonetheless.

Good news! An opening has appeared with a local ABA certified therapist, here in our hometown. A starts with her on Friday. Because he is already receiving outside occupational therapy, she will focus more on the speech therapy aspects. Bad news is, it's $100 per hour which we have to front, and then be reimbursed by our insurance company. We're going for it, of course!

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