Monday, February 12, 2007

The Wheels On The Bus

A loves school. Now that he's getting used to it, he gets excited when it's time to ride the school bus. We are lucky enough to live in a place where my son not only can ride the bus (a great benefit since we have one car, and my husband takes that to work), but it comes to our front door so he doesn't have to hike to the bus stop and stand there in the cold (or rain, or heat, etc) ~ and neither does Mommy or baby sister. He breaks into a huge grin when he sees his bus round our corner.

Getting used to school is a process. He really enjoys it! He loves all the activities they do so much, he pitches a fit when it's time to change to something new. Last week was a bad week, multiple tantrums every day but Friday. So far so good this week; A had a great day today! He is also picking up sign language extremely quickly and comes home asking for "more", "please", and other things Z and I aren't entirely sure what they are, but he's at least trying. We are supposed to be getting a list of the signs they are teaching at school, we're still waiting on that though.

A has also started making up his own signs for things, which is progress! He used to just stand there and stare at you until you figured out whatever he needed. His most recent sign is for the movie "Cars". He takes his right hand and whips it across to the left, and goes "wrooooom", like the cars do on the racetrack when the movie starts. This took us a while to figure out, but we finally deciphered it when he brought us the movie case and looked at us like "Duh, mom! Duh, dad!"

He has also become much more verbal. He identified K as his "siswer" and "[his name] siswer" on Sunday morning, and then asked Z to "take it please" when he grew tired of holding his paper from Sunday School. He is also becoming incredibly fond of the word "no", like most other children his age. Z and I could probably do without that last one (and A will get into trouble sometimes, depending on the situation) but we are still ecstatic that he is talking.

School is also good for his social skills. He has 9 other kids in his pre-K class, and they have to do projects together every week. A actually voluntarily colored with some of the other kids yesterday at church ~ his teacher was surprised! He used to hide under the desks and grunt or stim along the edge of the classroom, and now he's actually joining in. We're excited to see what the future holds for our little guy. He's getting a good start.

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