Thursday, June 7, 2007


A continues to surprise us. Today, at his occupational therapy session, he randomly started saying, "Cow. Milk. Chicken. Egg." This was not related to the activity at hand, which was a car puzzle. He asked for help today several times, at appropriate times. His therapist made sure to look away if he was having trouble, so he would ask for help ~ and he surely did, every time. A also, in the middle of his session, looked straight at Miss Brigid and said, "I'm having fun."


She was telling me this in the lobby of her office, and after the shock wore off, I asked A if he had fun today. All he did was smile and go back to playing with a toy car. He apparently also said his sister's actual name today (instead of his usual mis-pronounced word) when she told him they were going to see mommy and sister out in the lobby.

He's turning into a veritable chatterbox. Good.

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