Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Dishwasher

OK, so a dishwasher came with the house. It's not built-in, however, but rolls over to the sink to be hooked up. It doesn't bother me that it isn't built into the cabinetry. I've had relatives and friends that own the rolling dishwasher, so no biggie. I don't recall eating off of dirty dishes at their houses, so as long as it does its job and cleans the dishes, we're good.

However, I soon discovered that I had no idea how to hook the sucker up and get it to work. Seeing them in other peoples' houses, but never having actually hooked one up before, gave me some interesting results: initially, my kitchen and the nearby contents (including me) got a nice hot shower. And I couldn't get it to stop. I adjusted the attachment that goes on the sink faucet, I fiddled and faddled with it for a good 15 minutes before I felt completely inept and went to go look on the internet to see what in tarnation I was doing wrong. I was also sick of getting drenched every couple of minutes when I'd turn the water back on.

Turns out I'm not a complete idiot, I had done everything correctly, the coupler thingie just doesn't seal really well with the faucet. So, I draped a towel over the faucet, turned on the water, and the dishwasher did its job while I cleaned up the rest of the counters and floor.

In retrospect, I guess that God has just given me an awesome opportunity to multi-task. If I do my dishes in the nude and keep a mop handy, I can: get a shower, clean my dishes, and mop the floor all at the same time! Actually, who am I kidding? I don't think I could do my dishes in the nude; with my luck, that's when the delivery guy or meter reader would show up! : )

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