Thursday, February 26, 2009

Morning Cough-y

All of the flu symptoms have gone, but ONE: the annoying, loud, and body-shaking cough that, despite covering my mouth with my arm, guarantees me a wide berth from general bystanders. On the one hand, this pretty much insures my own seat on the subway or bus with room to stretch out, but on the other hand I have to tolerate dirty looks. At least it's just occasional at this point, though, so YAY!

*hack* *hack* *wheeze*

I think I'm going to lose a lung, or possibly my spleen. There's good money for those, right?

Thank God all the other stuff has abated though, I was going mad from my joints hurting -- especially climbing up and down the stairs. My 87-yr-old grandmother has some pretty bad arthritis, so this has given me some insight into what she deals with. Not fun, I'm lucky mine was just temporary.

With all the general poopy feeling in the house, though, we are seriously behind in our moving preparations. Even though we still felt yucky, I had to do "blitzkrieg cleaning" on Sunday and Monday, because we had potential renters coming to look at the house Monday evening. After a week of three of us in a malaise, the house could have possibly passed as a biohazard lab: Kleenex's overflowing the wastebaskets onto the floors, dishes piled up and out of the sink, Mount Saint Laundry in front of the washer...I think I saw a pair of my son's socks try to move across the floor on their own. A is only five, but that kid has some serious foot odor issues, has since he was a baby -- even in sandals.

Actually, it wasn't too bad, there was just stuff everywhere because I didn't have the energy to pick up toys or make my daughter do it. Clutter, clutter, added to all the stuff we'd started to pull out and go through to prepare for the move. Three piles on each floor: keep, yard sale, and throw out or freecycle.

People have offered to help, but the sorting phase is something that we really have to do. And we have opted to have a moving company come in and pack us up. We were originally planning to do this ourselves, but with our recent delays and Z's bad back, we figured it was worth it to pay for someone else to do the heavy lifting and driving the truck 1500 miles. So they come on March 9 and 10 to pack us and load the truck. There's really only one thing I can say that sums up this whole experience:


There may be something to that "primal scream therapy"... : )

Z has moved our yard sale from this Saturday to next Saturday. And they say that women change their minds often. Heh. Hope it all sells, and if it doesn't, that freecyclers come quickly because we're running out of time, the movers come two days later.



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