Friday, March 30, 2007


Have you ever ordered a great dinner at a nice restaurant, and had a wonderful appetizer come before the rest of your order? The appetizer is really good, and if it's any hint of what's to come, you know that the main course will be fantastic and you're looking forward to it. That's where Z and I are at right now.

A and Z had a short conversation yesterday morning.

An actual conversation, more than one or two exchanges.

Here's how it went: Z was upstairs in our room, and A walked in. He ran up to Z and said " Please Daddy want to...want to...", screwed his face up in concentration, then finished triumphantly with "want to watch TV." Z looked at him and said, "You want to watch TV???" A said "Ok ok ok." So daddy stared a second and said, "Well all right, buddy, let's go downstairs." "Downstairs?" "Yes," said Z, "let's go downstairs." "OK ok ok ok." As they were heading down the stairs, Z asked him, "Do you want to watch TV or a movie?" A cocked his head to one side, considering, and then replied, "TV." Z said, "All right!" and A said, "Thank you daddy thank you thank you."

And that was it. No more for the rest of the day yesterday, and nothing so far today. But that was like our appetizer; we know what is coming is going to be great, even if we have to wait while it's being prepared.

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