Thursday, March 15, 2007

End of Round 5: A - 1, OT - 4

This was our fifth trek to his occupational therapist, Brigid. She is fantastic! He absolutely adores her, so we have had no problems since that first session. The only difficulties I have with A is when we're in the waiting room and she's finishing up with another little boy. A wants to run straight back there to play, and doesn't like having to wait. Tantrums are getting better, he's starting to get in the routine of things.

A did everything she asked him to do today, even tried to help her put on his shoes. He gave her a big, wet kiss at the end, too, to her and my surprise. That's a good thing! That means he really does enjoy "working" with her, and we've already started to see improvements in his abilities to do certain things. (He's got jar-opening down now, perhaps a bit too well. And he really loves peanut butter. So does our dog. But that's a story for another day, maybe).

He still gets sidetracked really easily by certain sensory activities. For example, today she tried to get him to sort glass marbles out of a container of rocks and gravel. All he wanted to do was run everything in the bin through his fingers. He does the same thing with sand and the rubber "gravel" at the park under the swingsets. Also, he found a string today and he loves to wave those in front of his eyes. He relinquished it without throwing a fit, though, so good for him!

He said "MOM" today.

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