Saturday, March 17, 2007


Three days ago it was 80 degrees outside. Then, yesterday, we get this. Measures 5 inches, after it's already started melting somewhat.

God has a sense of humor.

Other news, that is a bit more wonderful, is that A saw his ABA therapist for the second time yesterday. In a nutshell, ABA is a special type of treatment for kids with social and development disorders, but is used frequently with autistic people to encourage communication and comprehension. ABA uses a combination of occupational therapy, speech therapy, and social skills.

We've been on a waiting list since last July, so this is GREAT (!) that she had an opening. Miss Jennifer (his therapist) thinks that he has Enormous potential; in similar kids she's worked with at his current level, they were about a year out from actual conversation abilities. She will be focusing on speech for A since he's getting occupational therapy elsewhere.

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