Monday, March 12, 2007


We have two fancy goldfish with the really flowy fins and tails. They are pretty good-sized, their bodies are between 3 and 4 inches now, not counting tail length. They share a 10-gallon tank, though, so an upgrade is in our near future. One fishy is a calico, named Dot; the other was a more usual-colored goldfish named Wakko. (For all you Animaniacs fans, we had a Yakko, too. Yakko the snail received a burial at sea some weeks back, may he rest in peace). Wakko is appropriately named, because he (she?) started turning white except for the fins, and has stayed that way for two months now. Dot is just fine, so it's not the water or the food. We called around and finally got a straight answer from an "expert" ~ our fish is either the result of inbreeding (they tend to lose color after maturity), or he (she?) is simply very old and has lost some color due to age, also common. We're hoping for the Methuselah angle, as the jokes about having an inbred pet would just keep rolling on and on.... So far Wakko seems to be in perfect health, though, despite the new albino-ish look he (she?) is sporting.

One of A's favorite things to do is feed the "peesch" with daddy in the mornings. Since daddy has been gone doing Army stuff, that task has fallen to me. I must say, thankfully, that A never forgets to feed the fish. If it were up to me, they'd probably be on an unintentional diet ~ they're not like the dog, who will come up and nudge you or paw at his bowl. Daddy gets back in less than 2 weeks now, so he will get to resume the daily tradition soon.

Here's the fish:

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