Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Autism Speaks Charity donations get Number One Spot in Contest

A while ago, I had posted a link (on the right) to a donation badge for Autism Speaks through the sixdegrees.com / networkforgood sites. There was a contest to provide a matching grant of up to $10,000 to the top six charity badges with the highest number of donors (not money amounts) through the end of March. Thanks to the generosity of readers everywhere, this badge was the number one badge in the contest with 2,313 donors. We all raised $47,849 for Autism Speaks. In addition, because this badge was one of the top six badges in the contest, Autism Speaks will receive an additional $10,000 courtesy of Mr. Kevin Bacon (yes, the actor).

Sorry this information is a bit late; they just released the information with the final counts. To hear a conversation between Kevin Bacon and the creator of the badge, there is a link to the right under "thanks for donating".

This badge is still active and you can still donate to Autism Speaks through it, but the contest is over.

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