Monday, April 9, 2007


Some interesting things happened the last few days:

First, on Saturday, A did the entire "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song with all the hand motions ~ unprompted. He walked over to me and just started doing it. It took me a second to figure it out, but when I heard "itsyitsy pider" that cinched it. He doesn't really sing it, kind of whispers it under his breath. He really likes the "washed the spider out" part. I usually don't like spiders (even though I know they're beneficial...I just don't want them in my house, or any other bug! Outside is fine)but I am willing to make an exception in this case ~ we can sing about that spider any time he wants to! :)

Also, this morning when he woke up, he came into my room and spent twenty minutes performing various sign language signs and telling me what they were. The ones he didn't label I'm not too sure of, I'll have to try to look them up somehow. But VERY
clearly we got:
"mommy"; "daddy"; "baby"; "bowl"; "kiss"; "eat"; "cereal"; "milk"; "ball"; "drink"; "cup"; and what appears to be "garden" but I'm not sure. He's also made up his own sign for "Jesus".

Completely random, but awesome!

Another favorite thing for A to do is play "Ring a ring of rosies"...he'll spin with you while you sing the little ditty and won't say a word until we reach "all fall down", which he shrieks, drops to the ground, and laughs hysterically. We might get an "ashes" out of him too, occasionally. A will also, out of the blue, shriek "DOWN!!", fling himself to the ground, and just laugh and laugh. It's really funny to watch!

Also, yesterday after church we had a rather interesting sight: it was lightly snowing. I haven't seen snow for Easter in years (not since I lived in Alaska), so it was weird and heartwarming at the same time. The delicate little flakes drifting lazily out of a partly sunny sky provided a compelling visual for all of us leaving the church building ~ washed "as white as snow" indeed. Made the afternoon egg hunt
at a friend's house just a wee bit Chilly, but the kids didn't seem to notice ~ when you've got five kids scurrying around, it's much too exciting to pay attention to anything silly like the cold temperatures! Happy Easter everyone, by the way!

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