Friday, April 6, 2007

Who Knew?

I learned something that I just have to share. Rubbing alcohol removes otherwise permanent marker off of aquarium glass.

I was putting K down for her nap, and A decided that while I was upstairs and he was downstairs, it was a good idea to take my orange calligraphy marker (the permanent scrap booking kind...this one was a ZIG) and color the goldfish as they swam by the glass. They must have swum all over the place, because there were lots of dark orange marker spots on the glass with lines trailing to each one. I had just used rubbing alcohol to remove some non-permanent ink from clothing the day before, so I figured I'd give it a shot. And it worked! Who knew? The rubbing alcohol apparently won't remove the permanent marker from wood, plastic, or clothing though (just regular ink pens).

In another area of the "who knew?" category, these are some things I have said or experienced this morning that I never imagined I would:

"Don't hit your sister with the penguin."
"Get the farm animals out of the toilet!"
"Do not hit the dog with the lizard." (rubber lizard, real dog)
"Get your socks out of the toilet!"
"Shoes do not go in the toilet!" (all the toilet ones were to K, of course)

Unfortunately just shutting the bathroom door isn't enough since big brother is kind enough to oblige little sister these days. Those door knob covers have long since lost their effectiveness. Oh well, A had his "what floats in the toilet?" phase so I guess little sister has to go through it too. Here's hoping she'll lose interest REALLY soon....of course, A still occasionally throws stuff in there even now, so we'll see.

I have also freed a plastic giraffe from the confines of a very small toy car -- twice -- and pulled the TV remote out of the clothes dryer. I also comforted my son, who discovered that if you hold on to the body and sling a rubber squid really fast, the tentacles hurt when they whap you and leave red marks.

Motherhood is never dull, especially when you have active kids! I really need to take more pictures first and not just jump in and clean up the mess...I could present an album to their future spouses and tell them "This is what they did when they were little. Good luck with your own kids, they'll be half H--!" :)

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