Friday, April 13, 2007


A is making great strides at Labeling things...he doesn't have the request object or discuss object without it being present processes down just yet, but labeling is a start. His teachers and therapists keep stressing how visual he is, and we're (Z and I) seeing it daily. Picture books and videos appeal more than verbal directions, or having a story read to him. Art is a big hit, whether it's crayons, chalk, paint, or collaging. He loves sign language because it gives his hands something to do other than flap, and it reinforces the word. There are times when he isn't sure which word to use; then he will just randomly run through a bunch of signs until he finds the one he's after to label something, and then repeat that one until we go "yes, that's a ball. Good job!"

I also had a startling moment today: I have moved into someone else's shadow. No longer am I simply "J--", "J-- H" or my maiden name (which I went by in college), but I'm now "A's mom." I had to drop A off at school today, because his ABA appointment overlaps his usual bus pick-up time. When I got there, his bus arrived, and all A's classmates were saying "Hi, A's mom! Hi, A's mom!" I know I'm his mom, of course, but I've never had that used as my sole identifier before. It's odd, but nice. I am having difficulty putting this experience into words; these I have down aren't quite capturing what I'm trying to say. Hmmm. I may come back and try again later.

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