Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A shocked both Z and I tonight by sounding out the word "Huggies" on the wipes container. We've never regularly used that brand of diapers (too expensive), but we have this random Huggies wipes container that I refill. If his pants need changed, that's what we say, "Come on, buddy, let's go change your pants." And wipes are always just "wipes".

So where he got "Huggies" from, we're not entirely sure. We don't watch much TV so he most likely didn't see or hear a commercial.

He's done this before with other things, and we always assumed he just recognized the object. Experiments with writing ten words he's recognized in the past only got one response, and that was "eat". (He is a part of the H-- family!) So scientifically speaking, one word out of ten isn't great odds.


We'll keep watching it. I was reading at 3 years (my mom says I used to read to the class so my preschool teacher could go to the bathroom), so it's not entirely out of the question. He is a smart booger. He does know all his letters and the sounds they make. Hmmmmm.

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