Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Agaimmm, momma?

One of the sweetest things I know has come through A's progress.

He will say "Momma".

For the longest time, all he would say was, "Dad", never "Mommy/momma" unless he was scared from a nightmare. That was it. Even when he was little, that word eluded him.
Within the last few months, though, "momma" has slowly been eking out an existence in his ever-expanding vocabulary. Now it's, "momma!", and "Peese, momma, you want?" (he gets "I" and "you" mixed up...if he wants something, he tells me "You want cheese."). And, "Agaimmm, momma?" when a movie finishes and he wants to see it again.
Sometimes he'll jump up and down, grin really big, and shriek "Mommy mommy mommy mommy!" at the top of his lungs, just to do it, and then fall down laughing.

I'll take it.

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