Saturday, May 12, 2007

Prayers are Appreciated

It is now Saturday a.m., the 12th. We have spent the last two days in the county hospital for our littlest one, and were released very late last night.

All indications are that she had a seizure while we were in the waiting room of her brother A's occcupational therapist on Thursday a.m. ~ she fell over in the middle of the floor ~ complete with drooling, grunting, sleepiness afterwards, and lots of crying when it was over. She also apparently smacked herself in the eye with the spout of her sippy cup during the initial seize, hard enough to jam it between her eyelid and the eye itself, scraping the entire eyeball, interior of her lid, and effectively blacking her surrounding area to the eye. She did not enjoy the ambulance ride or the hospital stay. We'll leave it at that.

The eye is fine, she did not puncture it ~ they're not sure how, but she is just fine and it will heal.

Her bloodwork came back normally, so no diabetes or infections to cause it. No fever either.

Her EEG seemed normal ~ but she screamed and fought being held down for most of it, and you are supposed to be very still for a good reading. Her doctor called this morning and told us it appeared fairly normal, but he'd like an MRI to make sure.

So now we fight with military care to get her seen by a pediatrician, first of all, and a pediatric neurologist secondly. All we have at the clinic here is 3 general practice and one RN. No offense to nurses or general practices, but we need an actual child neurologist to check this out. But we have to wait until Monday to start the circus of paperwork and referrals because they're only open M-F and then we'll have to wait at least 30 days to be seen at Walter Reed, then if there are no openings, we have to wait another 30 days for the referral from Tricare (standard length of time) before we can go somewhere else.

Yay. But at least we have insurance, and we don't pay a dime, Thank God. We just have to deal with paperwork.

Must go, K just woke up and is upset and more than a little sore, I'd bet. She fought like a tiger and it took 3 people to hold her little 13-month old body down. For two days, every test or poke.

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deb mills said...

good grief!! you guys have had some week! i will certainly be praying for all of you...especially that sweetheart daughter of yours. and also for quickness of paperwork through the necessary channels. God is able!!! love you all, deb