Saturday, May 26, 2007

Aiggs and Bawberries

This morning, A surprised us by asking his daddy, "Want some....want..." (gets plastic food from toy bin) "aiggs 'n' bawberries?" Z said, "Eggs and Strawberries? Is that what you want for breakfast?" A said, "Ok ok ok" and went and sat at the table.

! !

So we're making him scrambled eggs, and a little pancake to put strawberries on. I don't imagine eggs and strawberries together would normally be a good thing, so we added pancakes to the menu.

Wow, it makes it so much easier when they can communicate clearly! My daughter is getting there too. Yesterday she handed me her cup, asked, "More milk?" and when I took her cup she said, "Thank you". She turned 14 months on Tuesday. She is our blessing, because she prompts A to up the ante as far as communication goes.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! My husband will actually be home and not working through Monday this year (yay).

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