Thursday, May 31, 2007

And In This Corner...

As A's vocabulary increases, he is also behaving more and more like a 3-yr old big brother.

For example, his ABA therapist is working with verbs right now. He can label things just fine, so this is the next step. Today they talked about "licking", like ice cream cones or stamps for a letter, or how dogs give kisses. Sure enough, he comes out of Miss Jennifer's room and out into the lobby. Makes a beeline for his sister. Starts to lick K all over her head. A fight ensues.

Watching my kids fight is actually quite funny, since neither one of them can really say much at this point. One will grunt or growl in frustration, and the other one will growl louder, so the first one does it even louder....interspersed with the word "NEMO!" being yelled.

Apparently, both my kids use this word when they're really upset and angry. Why it's "nemo" I have no idea, but I am super glad they haven't picked up any of the words the neighbors' kids say. We do live on a military base, and not everyone chooses to parent in the way that Z and I do, so this provides some interesting encounters. Like the four-yr-old that lives behind us blessing out her bike after she fell off of it. But I digress.

It's really hard not to laugh when your kids are grunting and screaming "Nemo!" at each other for a minute or two. They will just have to learn to work it out, as long as it doesn't come to pushing or blows. Right now they just stand and glower at each other, unless they're wrestling for a toy. Z and I step in when it gets physical, but pretty much let them try to figure it out for now. *sigh* I guess we should enjoy it for now, because I know it will cease to be amusing in a year or two...

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